Fruit Easter eggs

Готино и вкусно - плодови яйца за Великден
Готино и вкусно - плодови яйца за Великден

If you do not want to get your body out of Easter, this recipe for fruit great eggs will surely reach you. Prepare quickly, do not outsource many products and stay attractive on the table.


1 sachet of gelatin
1 orange
3-4 plums
2-3 small apples or 1 big apple
1 lemon (juice)
Other optional fruits if you want
4 or more shells of eggs – whole


1. Dissolve gelatine in water as it is written on the package. When necessary add lemon juice and mix.
2. Carefully drill the eggs from the top and extract their contents while trying to keep the shells whole. Wash them well and put them on egg storage.
If you do not have one, you can use other appropriate terms.
3. Cutting fine fruit into cubes and with a small spoon fills them in the empty egg shells. Top over with gelatin, taking care not to be up or getting tightened.
4. Put the ready eggs in a refrigerator for about 20 minutes to cool and tighten. Once it has hardened, they are separated from the shell and served with a scoop.
If you use only 4 shells, use only 1/3 of the gelatin. It will be performed for small experiments.


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