Egg paste – an appetizing and cheap cheat for 5 minutes

Яйчен пастет – апетитна и евтина разядка за 5 минути

And a child in a preschool group can prepare an egg pate. It takes only 5 minutes and a few things to have something different with which to smear the slices!

Necessary products:

1 large boiled egg
100 g of nice, salty cheese
1 clove of garlic
1 coffee spoon of butter
Black pepper – on the top of the teaspoon
Slice of parsley or dill

Method of preparation:

Paste is prepared simply by breaking all the products into a blender.
If you will use it as a filling or garnish, you can decorate with green spice, olives or grain pomegranates.
Another option for egg pate is to add to the same quantity of products and a big baked red pepper!


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