Berry Ice Cream Cake: Winter Challenge

Рецепта за сладоледена торта в бяло и червено като мартеница

Notwithstanding, if winter is up to the ice cream season, there are still a lot of weeks, it is worthwhile to give your favorite dessert, especially if it’s “masked” like a cake in your favorite combination-white and red.


Frozen berries – 500 gr
Cream with 35-38% fat content – 400 ml
Еgg yolk – 4
Powder Sugar – 175 gr
Sweet, syrup or confection for decoration

In the fruits, if you do not dispense, add 100 g of powdered sugar and mix in the blender until the consistency of the purifier.
Pour the mulch with 75 g of powdered sugar on a water bath, while the stature is thick and white. It cools and clears continuously. The cream is broken, add the mussels and about 4/5 of the strawberry fruit.
Cover the selected foil form. Half of the berry – the cream mixture is dried in the form and it is placed in a refrigerator for 30-35 minutes. After midnight, leave the remaining berry puri and place in it the second half of the cream – berry cream.
The prepared cake is served in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours, after which you can move it to the appropriate plateau and decorate it with a confection, sweet or syrup.


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