Apple cakes for the day of St. Demetrius

Рецепта за ябълкова пита

The traditional celebration of St. Demetrius day in our can not be without a classic apple pie.


200 g of flour
3 eggs
1 kc yoghurt
1 kc melted butter
150 g of sugar
1 soda baking powder
200 g of crushed walnuts
5 apples/cubes — 3 pcs, for decoration — 2 pcs/
Oil-spreading cows
Sugar and cinnamon – sprinkling

Method of preparation:

Pour apple cubes with sugar and leave to stay for an hour. Add crushed walnuts to them.

The eggs are pounded in the bowl, and the oil is added to a jar of continuous stirring. To this mixture is added flavored apple cubes with walnuts.

Slowly and in part add the well sifted flour. You have previously mixed baking powder and cinnamon.

Spread butter on the bottom and sprinkle with a flour tray and spread the apple dough in it. Lubricate the oil cake and arrange the apple slices and smear with a broken egg, sugar and cinnamon. Put it in a preheated oven at 250 degrees Celsius.

The finished apple pie is cut off after it has cooled down and is served with coffee or hot chocolate!


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