Tasty homemade ketchup – the favorite food for children in the winter

Домашен кетчуп рецепта

In the season, when gardens begin to overflow with tomatoes, it is time to think about the winter. Today is the turn of the kids’ favorite ketchup, this time – at home recipe.


10 kg of tomatoes

10 tablespoons of salt

20 g ground black pepper.

1 piece of preservative


Bake the tomatoes, then put the juice in a large bowl. Boil it on a strong fire, add salt at will and pepper.

Let it boil about 100 minutes and add the preservative before the end.

When the tomato juice is ready, remove it from the fire and pour it into glass bottles that you will close with a metal cap.

Turn the bottles down and leave them for 5 minutes. Then return them to the main position. Put them in a box and wrap them with an old blanket. Let them stay for 12 hours before putting them in the refrigerator.


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