Easter nests of tea biscuits – beautiful and delicious

Великденски гнезда
Великденски гнезда

This easy recipe is great for anyone who wants to put something original at the table. Easter nests of tea biscuits is an easy and fun decision for the holiday. Here’s the recipe.


– 20 tea biscuits
– 200 g white chocolate
– 100 grams of coconut sawdust
– 1 block of dark chocolate (for eyes)
– 100 ml. Pastry cream
– the sweet – green, yellow, red
– Alcohol
– for toothbrushes
– storage  for the freezer


1. Prepare coconut sawdust first. Flush the green paint with a little water and add to the coconut. Mix them nicely, even a village. Kill ready-made sawdust in a bowl.

2. Melt white chocolate in a water bath.
3. Take a bowl of water to reduce the sweetness in the water for 5-10 seconds, dip into chocolate, then coconuts and place them in a plate.
4. Leave them for 20 minutes in the freezer to tighten, while mixing the pastry cream with a mixer.
5. Add the yellow confectionary cream to the cream and stir well. Take a minimum amount of sideways and add a little red to get orange.
6. Take a cake decoration spoon, then fill the mouth of biscuits as a bird in a nest.
7. Melt dark chocolate and a small toothpick in a water bath, dip in and drop lightly on the yellow eye cream.
8. Then pour the orange cream into an envelope to make a beak.
If you do not want to use artificial colors, you can use fresh parsley juice for green or turmeric for yellow. Orange can be achieved by adding a drop of two beet juices to the turmeric cream.


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