Tomato sauce for vegetarian caviar – gentle but provocative taste for white wine lovers

Вегетариански хайвер от домати и грис

If you do not like fish, you want to have a snack, or you just have to have snacks with caviar, you can try its vegetarian alternative, which is also very good.

Required products:

tomato juice – 500 ml
semolina – ½ cup
white bread – 1 slice
onion or leek 1pcs. – only the white part
lemon juice – 1pcs

How to cook?

Method of preparation:

Place 500ml of home-made juice in a deep dish to boil. Then slowly add half a cup of semolina. You should get a thick mess. While you are waiting to cool, soak the middle of the bread loaf.
Once it has cooled down, add the crushed medium, finely chopped onion (leek), salt to taste and the juice of a lemon to the sauce.
Brush the resulting mixture in a blender or mixer and add 2-3 cups of oil.


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