Vegetarian cream soup of cabbage, nettle and wild garlic

Рецепта за крем супа с коприва

Perfect appetizer in the spring – full of health and aroma. This soup will diversify your family lunches and your nettle recipes collection.


100 grams of nettles
100 grams of cabbage
100 grams of wild garlic
1 large potato
Several sprigs of parsley
Several bunches of celery
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper

Clean nettles, cabbage and wild garlic. When working with nettles, use rubber gloves to protect your hands. Put the ingredients in a bowl and pour boiling water on them. Then drain them and cut them off.

Peel the potatoes into small cubes.

Put some butter in the bottom of the pot and fry the potato cubes. When they moisten, add nettles, cabbage and wild garlic. Add water until you get the desired density of the soup. Add spices, then let go until the potatoes soften.

At the end you can add tarhana or some other pasta as well as oatmeal. If you do not want dough or cereals, you can add egg, and if you want acid soup add lemon juice or lemon juice.


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