Pumpkin Kisses – Perfect for Autumn Coffee

Рецепта за целувки от тиква

During the cold autumn days, it is very pleasant to bring home a bright and beautiful pumpkin and make an appetizing and healthy dessert from her. It contains only natural products without one gram of fat. That’s why nutritionists and sweethearts unanimously recognize pumpkin kisses as ideal for children and adults.


For the pumpkin base
Roasted to soft pumpkin – 500 g
Sugar – 220 g
Egg protein – 40 g
About syrup
Water – 90 ml
Sugar – 250 g
Agar-agar – 8 g
Sweet color (optional)


Beat the baked pumpkin with a mixer in a small saucepan.
Add sugar to the pumpkin and set to boil on low heat until all the liquid evaporates.
The resulting puree is cooled (can be left overnight in the refrigerator).
In the mixer bowl, whisk the pumpkin puree and the protein to a fluffy foam.
We start preparing syrup. To do this, combine the water with sugar and set a slow fire. Once the sugar has dissolved, it begins to boil, then thickens, removes it from the heat and adds agar-agar.
Check the syrup’s readiness.
With a constant stirring, pour the syrup into a teaspoonful mixture.
Continue to stir until the mixture cools.
Place the resulting oil in a bag with a star-shaped hole or syringe. Make small kisses on the baking parchment. Boil sugar powder and allow to dry for 12 hours.
Collect two in two shaved halves. Pumpkin kisses are ready for serving with coffee or tea!


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