Top Recipe: Tiramisu, preparing for 28 seconds!

Как се прави тирамису бърза рецепта

Do you want something sweet and fast? You will find nothing easier and simple to prepare than this recipe, the work of Gordon Ramsey. Try Tiramisu for less than half a minute!


120 g of powdered sugar
300 g of sweet cream of spray
vanilla extract
250 g mascarpone
a cup of Turkish coffee


Put the sugar in the bowl, add the cream and whisk together.
In another pot, place mascarpone and vanilla extract and mix well.

Add the mixture of mascarpone and vanilla to the cream and stir well to get a homogeneous mix.

Biscotti break them in half, soak them in the coffee and arrange them in a glass.

Pour the mixture over them and sharpen the dark chocolate.


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