By Granny’s Recipe – Liquid “Vegeta”

Сурова българска вегета рецепта

Far from the Croatian Vegeta to occupy the Balkans, our Bulgarian grandmother knew how to please her grandchildren with an appetizing soup or mango throughout the year. For this purpose, she has used everything available in her autumn garden and has not even played much to follow the exact measures.

If you want to close your liquid “veggies” in jars or bottles, you need:


1500 g tomatoes
500 g red onion
500 g carrots
500 g of peppercorns
1 head celery/leaves or roots-as you liked /
2 bunches of parsley
200 g of salt


Tomatoes are milled in a robot or meat grinder. Carrots are shredded, peppers, onions, celery and parsley are finely chopped. / More bitter hosts can “take” everything to the robot if they do not want to waste time.) Mix everything in a deep vessel. Finally, add salt.
Divide home-made veggies into clean jars or bottles. Sterilize them for 5-10 minutes and throughout the winter you will have a great vegetable spice for all sorts of soups and mangoes, “a la granpa di village”!


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