Tash Emek – a favorite dessert of pancakes with syrup

Рецепта за таш екмек - сиропирани палачинки

Syrups pancake pastry – the so-called Tash Emek / Stone Bread / is a dessert from the kitchen of neighboring Turkey. If you like to enjoy but do not waste time in the kitchen – this is your recipe!


For pancakes:

4 eggs
750 ml of milk
2 soup spoon sugar
1 ½ cup of flour
2 soup spoon oils

For sugar syrup:

2 hours of sugar
3 bottles of water
Packet two vanillas
2 chopped walnuts or other nuts


Mix the pancake mix and make 15 pieces.

Mix the syrup products.

In the pan, you start to make the pancakes, covering each one with the sugar syrup with ground walnuts. The goal is to use all the pancakes, and at the top of the layer of crushed walnuts.

Tash Emek has to stay overnight in the refrigerator to take his syrup and then you can serve it!


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