Soup with broccoli and yellow cheese: Unusual but great combination

Рецепта за супа с броколи

The rainy days that will come after the gypsy summer are the perfect time to enjoy a delicious, hot, though simple soup. It’s even better to be healthy, so add some vitamins and proteins to it. All this includes the recipe for soup with broccoli and cheese.


4 cups of ready-made chicken soup (or just the broth of it)
2 cups of sliced ​​broccoli
½ onion
400 ml cream for cooking
2 cups of grated cheese
Salt and pepper to taste


Put in a large bowl a saucepan, finely chopped onion and spices to suit your taste. Put the pan on the hob, then add the broccoli and cook for about 15 minutes. Finally, add the grated cheese and cream and cook for another 15 minutes. Serve the broccoli hot soup – it is not only the most aromatic and nutritious but also the most useful.


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