Cold soup with cucumbers (No, it’s not a Tarator, but something even more delicious!)

Студена супа с краставици

For the lovers of the tattoo comes golden time! In addition to a classic recipe, we will offer them a recipe for cold soup that doubles the freshness and the pleasure of vegetables combined with more dairy products and unexpected spices.

Necessary products:

2 pcs. cucumbers
300ml. yoghurt with high fat content
100 g cow’s cheese
1 piece. Hardboiled egg
Several balls of green onions
10 pcs. dried tomatoes
1 dill link
½ copper
150ml water
Salt and pepper – to taste
Ice cubes – wish

Method of preparation:

Peel the cucumbers. Cut them into small cubes.

Crumble with a fork lump of cheese in a bowl. Add the cut vegetables, finely chopped dill, egg and dried tomatoes, salt, pepper and honey.
Smash the yoghurt and water until a homogeneous mixture is obtained as an Doogh. Add the liquid to the bowl with the other products.

You can put ice cubes and serve or just put the cold cucumber soup to an hour in the refrigerator.


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