Sauce that goes well with fried fish or zucchini

Сос, който върви добре с пържена риба или тиквички

If you want to diversify the classic recipes with milk, but you want a really appetizing sauce or fish sauce, try garlic in combination with bread and walnuts. And yes – the result is so great you’ll want to try it again!

Necessary products:

8 cloves of garlic
250 grams of bread crumbs
120 ml of olive oil
70 ml of wine vinegar
1 liter of salt
Walnuts milled

Method of preparation:

Peel the garlic, grate it and mix it with bread crumbs and salt.
Gradually add the olive oil and vinegar with constant stirring.
Then, again gradually and with constant stirring, add walnuts until you get the desired consistency.


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