Cute and beautiful: Chocolate butterflies for decoration and fun

Уникално красиво! Шоколадови пеперуди
Уникално красиво! Шоколадови пеперуди

How to make chocolate butterflies for decoration?

Chocolate is a favorite product of top cooks from around the world. And its preparation is an art that the masters have dedicated for centuries. However, we offer you the opportunity to test your own abilities at home. And make beautiful decorations from it.

Fast and beautiful.

To make the perfect chocolate figures, melt it at the right temperature. Place a pot with water on the hot plate and when boil, put a glass bowl of heat-resistant glass. It is very important that the bottom does not rest on the bottom of the pan. Add chocolate – if you want it to be less, for 100 grams of chocolate, add 25 grams of oil, but after it melts. It is preferable to use chocolate for cooking, but you can also make chocolate milk choices. Just do not let it down while it’s melting, because it can burn.

Stir from time to time with a wooden spoon until the chocolate melts. Then remove it from the fire and when it starts to cool slightly, transfer it to a syringe or plastic bag.

Print the photo below and use it as a mock-up.

Cover it with rice paper and follow the contours, outline the chocolate of a butterfly with the butterfly wings. Remove them and let them cool.

When done, do not try to remove the chocolate figure with a knife, and slide the paper on the edge of the table and slowly peel off half of the two sides of the figurine. Finally, she will separate itself from the paper.

The ready-made figurines can mix some of the chocolate in a syringe and decorate with them cakes, melons, muffins, desserts and more.

See more in the video below.

Have fun!


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