Sicilian home-made “Vegeta”

Сицилианска домашна „Vegeta”

Vegeta is one of the most common spices, both in the preparation of soups and as a supplement to many dishes. There are many different brands that offer a dry vegetable mix, and most of them (if not all) include dyes, yeast, flavor enhancers, preservatives and what not.

Now we offer you to try something real invented by Sicily’s skillful hosts. You only have to spend half an hour and do not even need some kind of heat treatment. Sicilian Vegeta will enrich all your hot meals and make your family feel like a Boathouse excursion!


250 g onion (better red)
50 g carrots
50 g of celery (root or leaves of your choice)
2 cloves of garlic
150 g green spices of your choice (basil, parsley and dill or whatever you like)
500 g of salt

The salt in this recipe should be 50% and the other 50% – the vegetables because the salt itself is a natural preservative.


Vegetables and spices are finely chopped and placed in a blender. He grinds the vegetables for about a minute and then adds the salt and continues the treatment until the pieces of vegetables are so small that the mixture looks like a thick slurry.
Pour the veggies into a clean jar. Thanks to salt, it can withstand without sterilization in the refrigerator. With it you can taste any kind of soups and mangoes, and in the meantime you will be sure that you cook not only delicious but also healthy!


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