Chocolate panna cotta- a real joy on a rainy day

Рецепта за панакота с шоколад

We present you for a very easy to implement recipe for chocolate panna cotta. The dessert offers a delicious taste and is an ideal solution for people who love sweet but should not overdo it.


150 g chocolate 50-70% cocoa
30 g of gelatin
700 ml of cream with 10% fat content
70 grams of sugar
1 tbsp of vanilla or 1 tbsp. Vanilla sugar
white chocolate or crushed nuts for decoration


Turn the gelatin with 50 ml of cold water and allow it to swell.
In the cream add sugar and vanilla. Put on the fire and leave the container until the mixture is boiling.
Remove the cream from the hot plate and add chocolate, grated. Stir well.
Add the gelatin to the mixture and stir until it is completely dissolved.
Pour the resulting mixture into suitable glasses or small dishes to allow the desserts to cool to room temperature. Then place them in the refrigerator until they are completely solidified.
Serve the panna cotta with grated chocolate or crushed nuts.


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