Chocolate volcano with chocolate lava – easy and very attractive dessert

Как се прави шоколадов вулкан рецепта

As you will tell every woman on a diet not from chocolate is full. So if you adore the sweet, but your conscience grips, you can try a simple recipe for pastry. You will get a real attraction for the eyes and balm for the palate – a chocolate volcano with chocolate lava.


6 tablespoons
125g butter
100g dark chocolate
40g milk chocolate
2 yolks
2 whole eggs
100 grams of powdered sugar


Chocolate and butter melt in steam.

After you melt the chocolate, remove it from the fire and add the sugar (three times), meanwhile break the mixture with wire for better fusion.

After cooling, the eggs are added one at a time, stirring with wire.

Then add the flour (little by little) and stir, taking care not to form lumps.
After completing everything, fill in all shapes and let them cool completely.

Be careful when filling the molds so chocolate does not reach the top and leave 5mm of space to grow.
While cooling, turn the oven to 220 degrees. Cook the bacon in a preheated oven for 8-11 minutes.

After 8 minutes, a circle on the top of the cake, which will look like raw, after the ring is closed and a thin crust forms, immediately remove the baking molds. Do not let them stay in the oven, so your pastry does not harden.
Serve immediately to get a liquid interior that will flow like lava.

If you add a ball of vanilla ice cream and chopped to the chocolate volcano, you will be greeted with cheers at the serving table!


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