Chocolate Rice pudding – the sweetest recipe for milk with rice

Рецепта със сутляш шоколадово мляко с ориз

As Rice pudding is your favorite childhood recipe ?! In that case, you will surely like an “innovation” that turns the familiar dessert into a double sweet surprise.

1 liter of milk
150 g of rice
1 vanilla sugar
6 tablespoons of sugar
150 g of black chocolate
50 g butter


Allow the milk to boil along with plain sugar and vanilla sugar, then add the butter. The confusion is mixed until the solids melt and mix.
Add the rice to boil with sweet dairy milk in about 20 minutes. Then add the chocolate and cook for 10 minutes on low heat, with frequent stirring.
The chocolate Rice pudding is ready when the rice softens well. If you accidentally come out a little rare, add 1 tablespoon of gustin’ or a little chocolate pudding. Decorate with a chocolate cube or sticks and serve it.


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