Chocolate jelly-a perfectly elegant dessert

Рецепта за шоколадово желе

We will tempt the lovers of chocolate and exquisite desserts with a simple but very tasty and elegant solution. With chocolate jelly, you can not make a mistake at an official dinner, and it’s very easy!


120 g of bitter chocolate
500 ml of milk
10 g of gelatin
Sugar – optional


Boil the milk first.
Gelatin is soaked in a small amount of warm water, allowed to swell and then dissolved in a water bath.
Put the gelatin in the milk, heat the mixture a little and do not stop stirring it intensively.
Smash the black chocolate into pieces and pour it into the milk. Stir until the chocolate dissolves completely to obtain the same color.
Pour the mixture into molds and put them in the fridge. Serve the chocolate jelly, sprinkled with grated chocolate or almond.


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