Perfect pizza calzone step by step

Рецепта за калцоне

The most favorite pizza of all is calzone. Wrapped, rich in stuff – looks like a surprise gift. And if you are not that good at dressing, you can make it home!

Necessary products:

For the dough:
900 gr. Flour
30 gr. yeast

2 glasses of water
30 gr. salt
1 teaspoon of sugar

For stuffing:

1/2 glass of olive oil
3 Mozzarella beans (or other cheese)
500 ml of tomato sauce
500 g of ham

Method of preparation:

Place the yeast in warm water and let it cool well. In the bowl, put the flour and add the water, salt and sugar. From the mixture, make a dough. Dough divided into six balls, and each ball stays until it becomes flexible and soft. Let the dough rise for 1 hour.

Each ball is rolled to a round shape. In the middle of each place a little tomato sauce. On it – a few pieces of mozzarella and ham. The whole filling should be in the middle of the pizza dough.

Then fold the top of the pike in the form of a crescent and firmly press both ends so that the filling does not spill during baking. If you have experience, you can do them as the edges of a greenhouse. Finally, spread a little tomato sauce over the pizza. Calzone bakes 250 degrees until the dough becomes golden brown.

Note: Keep in mind and do not overfill! The more it is “sealed” in the dough, the harder it is to bake the pizza!


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