Perfect gazpacho: Call the summer with cream soup from Spain

Кремсупа Гаспачо рецепта от Испания

If we have a tartar, then the Spaniards refresh the summer with spicy gourmet soup. The hot weather seems far away, but that’s no reason to give up the specific flavor and taste of this simple masterpiece of culinary art.


300 ml of tomato paste
2 fresh tomatoes
1 large spoon of olive oil
1 green pepper
1 onion
6 olives without stones
about 20 maize grains


Dip the tomatoes into boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Then peel them off.
Put the tomatoes, pepper, olive oil and half the onions in the blender. Well break and straighten.
Mix the resulting mixture with tomato puree, add salt if necessary, then mix with boiled corn, chopped olives and a few onions.
Cool well in the fridge, decorate with parsley and serve croutons or slices of roasted bread.


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