How do we replace alcohol in cookery recipes?

Вместо алкохол в готварските рецепти използвайте

In many modern cooking recipes you will find some kind of alcohol in the ingredients list. Of course, this is necessary because it performs certain functions during the preparation of a dish. Meat becomes gentler and cooks faster, baking becomes more juicy, and desserts prepared with different liqueurs have a special flavor.

But if you want to serve a tasty dish or a person who does not drink alcohol, does it mean that you have to put a strict set of products included in his recipe?

Experienced cooks have a solution to this problem – the alcoholic ingredient can be replaced with other products without losing the taste or quality of the finished product.

Here’s an example list of the most commonly used alcoholic beverages as part of a variety of recipes and their possible substitutes:

– Beer – soft beer; chicken, beef or mushroom broth

– Port wine – dark grape juice with added: lemon peel; cranberry juice with lemon peel; Orange juice

– Red wine – dark grape juice, red wine vinegar; non-alcoholic red wine

– White dry wine – light grape juice with light wine vinegar added; soft white wine

– White semi-dry wine – grape juice with sugar

– Champagne – ginger; light grape juice;

– Liqueur-coffee – espresso; non-alcoholic coffee extract; coffee syrup

– Amaretto – almond extract

– Burbank – vanilla extract; orange or pineapple juice, peach syrup

– Cherry liqueur – canned syrup of cherries

– Cognac – peach, apricot or pear juice

– Cointreau- concentrated orange juice

– Mint liquor – Mint extract diluted with a small amount of water

– Kahlua – espresso with cream; non-alcoholic coffee extract;

coffee syrup

– Rum – white grape juice or apple juice with addition of almond extract

– Sherry – vanilla extract; orange or pineapple juice;

– Vodka – light grape juice or apple juice with added juice lime


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