Jewish Russian salad

Руска салата кашер - Оливие по еврейски

The original “Olivier” salad (called “Russian” in our country) is traditional for the winter holidays. However, it is a bit heavy and if you are already on a diet, we will offer you the option consumed by the Jews. This type of salad “Olivier” / Russian salad/is a kosher – made according to all requirements, but also scary delicious!


1 canned tuna fish
3 potatoes
1 carrot
3 eggs
2 large pickles
half an apple
fresh green spices
mayonnaise – to taste


Boil potatoes, carrots and eggs. Peel them and finely cut. In the same way, cut the sour cucumbers and the apple. Then grind the fish, mix it with the other ingredients, add the green spices, mayonnaise and mix well. Put in shape, then turn the dish on a plateau and decorate with spices and raw carrots on top. Good appetite and happy holidays!


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