Roll “Lady Caprice” with pancakes in white, green and red

Рецепта за руло с палачинки Дамски каприз

An interesting roll recipe that combines different flavors and flavors. You can offer it as a special gift since March 8, because it will please every lady’s whim.


5 fillets – best of chicken
1 onion
1 egg
2 tablespoons of cream cheese
a few cloves of garlic – to taste
salt and pepper – to taste

Ingredients: for pancakes


1 egg
1 carrot – grated
4 tbsps flour
4 tablespoons of fresh milk
Salt to taste


1 egg
2 lb
4 tbsps flour
4 tablespoons of fresh milk
salt to taste


1 egg
2 tsp spinach – can be frozen
4 tbsps flour
4 tablespoons of fresh milk
Salt to taste

Additional products:

Cheese, cheese, red pepper, parsley


Cut four of the fillets in the middle so that you “spread” them as pages of a book. Lightly treat them with a hammer for steaks, season with spices. Put them on foil. Cut the last fillet together with the cream, egg and spices. The goal is to get minced meat.

Bake separately the pancakes in white, green and red.
Cover the fillets with the minced meat and lightly sprinkle with parsley (or other favorite green spice).

In the green pancake, spread the mince, grated melted cheese and parsley. Make a roll. On the red – minced meat and red pepper strips. And make it a roll. In the “white” pancake – mince and grated cheese, roll it in roll.

Pancakes are arranged at one end of the fillet – two below, one on the top. Turn the three with the fillet so that it rolls together with the foil. Put in the refrigerator to tighten for an hour.

Then remove the roll, remove the foil and bake on all sides in a slightly oiled pan. Put the wrapped roll again in the foil and place it in a tray and bake for an hour in a moderate oven.

Shortly before removing it completely, remove the foil, season with a spicy spice and return for 5-10 minutes in the oven. Once it’s ready, it needs to cool before you cut into pieces.
Your Lady’s Caprice can be offered as a main dish even with a side dish!


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