Roll “Cordon Bleu” in your own sauce

Руло „Cordon Bleu” в собствен сос за половин час

A quick recipe for the Cordon Bleu will feed everyone well for lunch and dinner. You can also offer it on a special holiday without spending the day in the kitchen!


Chicken Steaks-6 pcs.
150 g of ham
150 g of yellow cheese
200 ml. Cream
Salt, ground pepper, garlic powder, parsley
100 ml of olive oil

Method of preparation:

Snack the chicken steak well. Add it and add ground pepper.

You order a row of thin slices of ham, then a row of thin slices of cheese. Roll the steak with the stuffing of ham and cheese.

Heat the olive oil and fry the roll on all sides. By the end of the frying process, when the chicken has got a nice tan, add the cream, garlic, parsley, some more salt.

Cover the pan and let the stuffed steaks fry in the sauce for five minutes.
Serve Cordon Bleu – rolls with a suitable sauce, for example-beaches!


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