Chocolate roses – the perfect dessert

Рецепта за рози от шоколад

Even if you do not know how to cook, you will want to try this. Laying chocolate roses, you surprise your loved ones with an unusual dessert, which is great for both taste and appearance.

Necessary products:

Solid strawberries in the correct conical shape
Dark chocolate for shaping
White liquid chocolate
Lollipop sticks

Method of preparation:

Chocolate is first formed as balls and a long piece of a piece, which then flattens with a slice between the sheets of baking paper. Strawberries are soaked in white chocolate, and then the colorful leaves of chocolate to form are formed around it.

Preparation of chocolate for shaping:

Place chocolate on steam or medium temperature and stir until melted evenly. As soon as it melts, remove it from the fire and add honey. Stir until the chocolate starts to tighten. When everything has reached a density, it is poured on a 1 cm thick tray and covered with another layer of paper.

Place the container in a cool place to tighten it completely.
You can make the cool chocolate as you wish, but you must soften it with your hands beforehand. Do it as you did with plastic in in school. Chocolate can be dyed with candy paint by applying a brush or directly while it is melting.


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