Recipes for sauces that will “retire” ketchup and mayonnaise

Популярни рецепти за сосове салца, копър, сладко-кисел, от сирене

Sauces give each dish a unique flavor and aroma. The most popular among them are ketchup and mayonnaise, because they can be bought in the store without any problems. Many people, however, forget that they are harmful not only to the figure but also to health. We will offer you much more interesting and healthy options.

Sauce Salsa
Sauce Salsa can be added to pasta. You can add spices – many gourmets use red pepper and cumin.

Necessary products:

1 clove of garlic
15 cherry tomatoes
20 g of green onions
20 g dill
1 tsp. balsamico
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

Wash the tomatoes, onions, dill and dill. Add garlic and whisk everything with a mixer.
Add the puree, vinegar and olive oil to the resulting table.
Add salt and pepper to taste and put in a saucepan to thicken on moderate fire.

Dill sauce
This sauce is good as an addition to vegetables and meat dishes.

Necessary products:

20 g dill
6 cloves of garlic
1 lemon
half an hour grated lemon peel
100 ml of olive oil
salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Cut the dill and prepare the ingredients of lemon.
Mix all the ingredients in the blender and transfer the prepared sauce to a jar.

Sweet and sour sauce
Sweet and sour sauce is a gift from Asian cuisine that adds an interesting flavor to the meat.

Necessary products:

4 tbsp soda
1 tsp. corn flour
2 tablespoons sugars
2 tablespoons vinegars
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tablespoon soy sauce
3 tablespoons Orange juice

Method of preparation:

Dilute corn flour with boiling water.
In a saucepan mix the sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, orange juice and soy sauce. Add the diluted corn flour and heat it.
The sauce is served hot.

Sauce with cheese
With the help of a cheese sauce, you can change every menu, perfectly complementing vegetable dishes, potato dishes, rice or other cereals, and it is also suitable for meat, fish and roast chicken.

Necessary products:

200 g of melted cheese
10 ml of vegetable oil
20 ml of cream
3 tablespoons cedar nuts
50 grams of hard cheese
spices to taste

Method of preparation:

Grate 50 grams of grate cheese.
Stir the melted, cream and vegetable oil in a moderate heat cook until the mixture boils.
Add the solid cheese and spices to the sauce, cook for a few more minutes and let the sauce cool down.


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