Recipe for homemade melted cheese – ready for 15 minutes

Рецепта за домашно топено сирене

There is nothing more tasty to spread than the homemade dish. The recipe for melted cheese will pleasantly diversify your children’s breakfast and prepare delicious sandwiches!

Necessary products:

600g cottage cheese
250g of cured butter
3 pcs. medium eggs
200g sour cream
1 tsp salt
1 tsp backing soda

Method of preparation:

We blend everything together until a smooth, homogeneous blend is obtained.
Then we transfer the product to a pot which we boil in a water bath for a quarter hour. We are stirring constantly. The result is distributed in jars or other suitable storage container. At the top you can make your favorite green spices like dill, basil, parsley, wild garlic.
Lovers of more sophisticated options can make homemade melted cheese, enriched to taste. It is enough to add ham, mushrooms, olives or pickles to passion.
The dishes so prepared are stored only in a refrigerator. The durability of home-made cheese is one week.


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