Recipe for home-made sausage-meat of impeccable quality

Рецепта за домашен колбас –мезе с безупречно качество

In the store, even the most expensive food is not a guarantee of impeccable quality. If you keep the meat as an appetizer or a sandwich, you can make your own salami. The homemade sausage recipe guarantees you taste, safety and 100% quality!


7 kg of pork (milled)
2.5 kg of beef (milled)
sweet pepper
hot pepper
100 ml of white wine
100 g fresh bacon diced

Method of preparation:

Mix the meat, add spices, peppers and chopped bacon. Mix the wine with garlic on low heat, then add it to the meat. Stir well. Fill the mixture with thin or thick intestines and dry the sausages at low temperature for 15 to 20 days.


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