Meatless pasta with pesto from avocado

Постни макарони с песто от авокадо рецепти

Macaroni or pasta can be prepared in dozens of ways in Italy, but today we recommend you try something more extravagant. During fasting or pursuing a perfect line you can mix them with avocado. The taste is great!

Necessary products:

2 ripe avocado fruits
1 pack of lemon macaroni or spaghetti (note what the package says)
Cherry tomatoes
10-12 olives
2-3 onion cloves
Salt and other spices

Method of preparation:

Clean the two avocado fruits from the seeds and put the flesh in a blender along with the olives, garlic, spices, lime juice and oil. The latter is not even obligatory!

Cut two cherries and put them in a hot pan.

Boil and squeeze the pasta and while warm, mix them with the prepared avocado and olives and add the fried cherry tomatoes.


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