Leafy peas and leeks

Постни кюфтета от грах и праз

And during fasting we can eat our favorite meatballs, but make alternative recipes. Popular choices are from potatoes or zucchini, but we suggest you try something extra-ordinary.

Necessary products:

1 jar of peas  
1 clean leek
Sesame – a couple of spoons
Black pepper and salt – to taste

Method of preparation:

Drain the peas out of the water and rub it well with a fork. Dare him and then make balls (meatballs). Cut and fry the leek with some oil and pepper, then spread it into a baking pan. Arrange the pea meatballs on it, sprinkle with sesame and cover them.

Watch meatballs while baking to prevent them from burning.


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