Preparing a chicken that removes all the hormones and antibiotics

Подготовка на пиле, която премахва всички хормони и антибиотици

Today, few have the opportunity to feed home-grown animals. They all shop by supermarkets, though it is clear to them that meat producers resort to tricks that are harmful to our health.

Apart from the special food for birds, they trample them with hormones and antibiotics that stay in the meat for more than a week.

But there is a way to buy chicken from the store and eat healthily! You can get rid of toxins by cleaning the meat from antibiotics in your own kitchen.

How is this supposed to happen?

Method one.

If you prepare couscous, broth is better not to use. There is nothing useful in it. In the cooking process, all the toxins are washed from the meat and fall directly into the broth. For chicken soup, use a home-grown bird.

Method two.

If you decide to prepare a roast chicken, clear its internal organs. Because toxins accumulate there. We also recommend removing the skin.

Method Third.

Soak the chicken into a solution of 1 liter of pure water and a couple of tablespoons of salt. Also, add 1/4 lemon juice in the solution. Put the chicken into the solution for 2 hours. Then drain it. Make newly and soak the chicken again for an hour or two.
It is recommended to use mineral water. So not only is it cleansed from the harmful chicken toxins, but it becomes more fragile!


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