Chicken burrito with pesto

Рецепта за бурито с песто

“Burrito” in Spanish means “donkey”, but is also the name of the most beloved Mexican alaminutes. Explain the name of the taste with the fact that it reminded the ear, but that is not so important now. We offer you the opportunity to offer your home-made burrito for a crazy Mexican night with lots of music and a moderate amount of tequila.


Pesto Genovese -4 tablespoons
Chicken breast -250 g
Spinach -1 cup
Tortilla -4 pieces
Red pepper -1
Carrots -1

Cut the chicken finely and fry the chicken. In one pan, mix them with the pesto.
Heat the tortillas in a dry container.
Once you have warmed it, put a fourth spinach in its center. Then a quarter of pepper and carrots and a fourth mixture of chicken and pesto. Draw the tortillas in a familiar form of storm. In the same way the other three are doing!


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