Roasted fish in the tile

Печена риба на керемида рецепта

The Bulgarian national cuisine offers many interesting ideas for fish preparation. This time we will teach you how to bake it on the tile and surprise your guests with an attractive presentation.


4 fish – about a kilogram in total
1 fresh onion or 2 croissant heads
200 g of tomato paste
50 g of olives without stones
1 lemon
salt to taste


Cut the onion into circles and fry it in hot oil. Add the puree and salt to taste to simmer for 10 minutes.

Cut the parsley and the rings – the olives before you mix them with the sauce.
Clean and mark the fish.

In the tile put the tomato sauce, on top of it – the fish with three slices of lemon.

Put the tile in the pre-heated oven 180 degrees and bake the fish for half an hour.


To get a “floating” effect in a tile fish, bake it in a zigzag before baking and so bake it.


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