Panna cotta in white and red: In the spirit of Martha

Панакота с ягоди в бяло и червено като десерт мартеница

A modern dessert with a European flavor combined with a vision that will appeal to traditional-minded pastry lovers. This is today’s recipe for Panna cotta.


Strawberry juice – 50 ml
Sugar – 50 g
Chocolate – 20-30 g
Strawberry – 4 pcs.
Natural vanilla – 1 floor
Shell Gelatin – 15 g
Cream with fat 33% – 500 ml


Gelatin is placed in water (30-40 ml) to take up the time indicated on the package. Mix the cream with sugar and vanilla. Bring to boil 1-2 minutes. Lightly cool. Add the gelatin, leaving a little for the juice. The juice is heated and mixed with the gelatin residue.

A little cream mass is mixed with chocolate until it dissolves completely. In your chosen dessert pot, add chopped strawberries, pour a mixture of juice and gelatin. Put in the refrigerator until full cooling. Then pour the cream mass until it cools completely.

Top with a chocolate mixture. Leave it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours until it solidifies completely. Before serving, lower the bottom of the molds for a few seconds into boiling water, then turn the contents on the plate.


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