Zebra Pancakes – Joy for еveryone

Рецепта за палачинки зебра

You’ve probably heard about cake zebra and cake – zebra so far, so why not taste the taste of zebra pancakes ?! They are not just a fluffy, sweet temptation, but they also have a positive emotion from the beginning of the day.

Necessary products:

500 ml of milk
2 eggs
A little salt
1 tablespoon of melted margarine
10 ml of mineral water
Flour as needed to make the dough creamy and dense
1 tablespoon cocoa (¼ of dough)
1 ball for making a ball

Method of preparation:

Mix the dough products, add the flour until it becomes creamy and medium thick as you normally do.
From the mixture, take ¼ into a small bowl and add the cocoa. Mix until you get a brown dough.
Place the different types of dough in two bags.
Lubricate the pan with oil and heat it, make circles alternating between white and brown dough.
Make the pancakes and fill them with a wish!


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