Lace-up pancakes in a bottle – a masterpiece that makes unexpectedly easy

Дантелени палачинки ажурени оригинална рецепта в шише

Lace pancakes or so-called pancake hemstitch are from the so-called a “recipe in sewing” group. They look like painted, but they’re actually making it easy.

Necessary products:

2 eggs
2 pinches of salt
250 ml. milk
250ml soda
vanilla sugar – 1 sachet
2 tablespoons oil

Method of preparation:

We break down all the products together to the consistency of the boza.
Pour the mixture into a well-washed nylon bottle of vinegar or another with a dispenser. Heat the pancake pan, pre-lightly spread with oil or butter.
You begin to “paint” the bottle in the pan by first outlining the outline of the desired size and shape. Then pour into the loop the mixture and quickly spread with a spoon.
The filling can be absolutely anything – from Russian salad to chocolate. Very spectacular looks with a strawberry jam or a greyhound.


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