Original recipe for Napoleon: Prepare for half an hour

Оригинална рецепта за Наполеон

Try the oldest known Napoleon recipe without wasting time. The forgotten taste of the classic pastry will stroke the palate and the demanding ones.


Butter dough without yeast – 500 g
For Cream:

Eggs – 3 pcs,
oil – 200 g,
milk – 250 ml,
flour – 2 ml,
sugar – 100 g,
boiled condensed milk – 300 ml


Preparation of the dough. Pour the dough on the chopped board with flour. If it is frozen, wait until it softens.
Roll it on a layer 4-5 mm thick. Cut the dough into squares with a 2 ~ 3 cm side.

The most convenient is to cut the dough with a circular knife for pizza. On a sheet of baking paper, put the cut squares so that they do not touch one another. Bake to bright red at t – 200 ~ 220 ° C.

Remove from oven, cool. Several cooked squares are left aside for further decorating the pastry, the remaining squares are poured into a large pan or bowl.
Put a little bit of crushed dough so that about a quarter of the volume becomes crumbs.

Put the blender on eggs, boiled condensed milk, sugar, flour. Pour the milk. Beat until a homogeneous mass. Pour into a saucepan. Place the dish on medium heat with constants stirring until full compression.

The cream should be obtained as a thick, thick slurry. While it’s hot, put the oil in it and mix it to spread it evenly.
The hot cream is poured into a baking pan and well-baked and baked squares. Spread foil or baking paper from the inside of the pot. Place the pastry mix with a patch so there are no air cavities.

Cool to room temperature and put the pastry into the refrigerator.
Blend the finely divided squares.

Remove Napoleon from the form and release the foil. Sprinkle with the crushed crumbs.
When serving, cut the Napoleon so prepared into square, not thick pieces!


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