Omelette – Italian roll: A delicious and quick decision for hungry

Руло омлет по италиански

“What to cook today?” Is an irritating question, especially in the summer. Have you tried to prepare an omelette in an unusual way ?! Do it as the Italians do. They are known throughout the world with a variety of ideas, layouts and experiments with the kitchen. Their omelet – roll is a quick specialty that saves time and is so delicious that it will fit easily into your traditional menu.


3 eggs
75 grams of flour
2 tablespoons of oil
250 grams of yellow cheese
5 slices of prosciutto/ham
2 peppers
1 cup of basil
50 g of black olives
Spices – to taste


Beat the eggs, then add the flour and spices as desired. Put the mixture in a pan with heated oil and bake for ten minutes until the mixture “rises” and gets a golden color.

Place a sheet of paper for cooking on a damp cloth and throw the hot omelette onto the paper.
Using a cloth, roll the omelette and leave it to cool.

Then unfold the omelette, add grated cheese, chopped prosciutto, finely chopped peppers, basil and finely chopped olives. Roll the coil again and cut it in equal parts.


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