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What information collects  


At , we understand the importance of the security of your personal information. Here you will find information about what type of personal and aggregate information we receive when you visit one of our sites and how we protect it from third parties.

The online gusto2me magazine, gusto2me.comt, does NOT store and process personal information about its users related to their gender, race, age, social, financial, health, mental or physical condition. Nor does it collect and process information about their political, social, religious and other views. We also do not collect information and data that:

  • reveal racial or ethnic origin;  
  • reveal political, religious or philosophical beliefs;  
  • discloses membership of political parties or organizations, associations with religious, philosophical, political or trade-union purposes;  

refers to health, sexual life or the human genome;  

Exclusion makes automatic data collection, which includes:  
EMAIL ADDRESS TO CONTACT THE EDITOR TEAM. By completing this information, you have the opportunity to contact the editorial staff of the magazine, to make a request, to recommend, to express an opinion or to contact us for another matter. This information is NOT used for any purpose other than user feedback. By filling out our contact form, you agree that you have voluntarily and completely freely given us this information to communicate with you.

This information may only be passed on to third parties with your personal consent.

The provision of this information to third parties may also take place in the event of a request by the relevant public authorities, in accordance with the law.

GENERAL INFORMATION – Log files – log files, like most sites we collect and use data in log files. This information contains your IP, which browser (such as Mozzilla, IE, Chrome, etc.) and operating system (Linux, Windows, iOS) use, when you visited our website, and the pages that were visited . This information is collected automatically by the system, leaving comments. It is NOT made available to third parties, nor is it stored and processed for purposes other than to improve the quality of the site’s content.

Cookies – This is a small amount of information the web server sends to the browser and he remembers it. This allows us to collect feedback from the browser. You can delete cookies on or third parties through an option in any browser. With cookies we remember your preferences for working with our sites like settings and logins. More information about cookies can be found at

WEB BEACONS – web beacons – are files that allow a site to collect information about the number of visitors and access their cookies. More information about web directories can be found here  uses both your own ad serving system and third party systems (Google AdSence and others) to show an ad on our sites. These networks can use technologies such as cookies and web directories and collect data such as your IP address, browser, and some cases if you have Adobe FLASH installed. In most cases, this data is used to show an ad based on your location. For example, if you are in Bulgaria, you will see an ad, or another, or an ad, depending on which sites you previously visited.

Google AdSence uses a “DART” cookie to help you see an ad based on your preferences and site visits.

You can always turn off both our cookies and third-party cookies in your web browser. In this case, some of the services on our sites may not work as expected.

To learn more about what information third parties can collect through our website, please visit the following pages:

All opinions, ratings, and statements made in comments and interviews at reflect personal views and online magazine “Gusto2me” – is not responsible for them.

Every user has the right not to view this site. is not responsible for subjective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information posted on, shall not be liable for any material and non-material damage occurring directly, indirectly, by or in connection with access to this site and its information. The users are solely responsible for assessing the usability of the information on the site and bear the full and unconditional responsibility for the outcome of actions taken on the basis of the information provided on this website.


This Privacy Policy aims to inform you about how My Home magazine protects and uses your personal information (username and comment email) and how you can control your preferences and settings in relation to this treatment. Our main mission is to provide you with interesting and useful information about the novelties in the culinary industry, as well as easy and useful cooking tricks in the kitchen.

What do these Privacy Policy regulate and on what legal basis?  
A General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been implemented in Bulgaria since 25 May 2018. It was adopted by the European Union and aims to unify the EU Member States’ policies on the collection and use of personal data . Another goal is to guarantee our right to privacy, to protect our personal data in order to provide more security against the misuse of personal information of each and every one of us. The new regulation comes with a number of requirements that applies and you can meet here. These include:

  • Let us know what data we use.  
  • Let us know why we use them. 
  • Let us ask your consent to use them when we provide additional services such as targeted advertising, for example.  
  • Allow you to change your consent for different purposes through this site to have more freedom.  
  • Guarantee the right to ask for your data to be corrected, erased, and “forgotten.”