Irresistible summer dessert: Cake with strawberries

Неустоим летен десерт: Сладкиш от грис с ягоди

A refreshing, delicious and simple recipe for an irresistible summer dessert with strawberries will quench the wild hunger for jam, without giving you a sense of guilt and counting calories.

Necessary products:

For swamps:

3 eggs
2 cups of coffee flour
3 tablespoons of semolina
1 vanilla sugar
1 cup of sugar
1 baler
100 ml of sour cream
100 ml of oil
100ml of yoghurt
250 grams of strawberries

A strawberry stuffing:

500 grams of strawberries
200ml strawberry juice / or syrup of compote
2 slices of strawberry pudding/strawberry starch
5 tablespoons sugar


200 g of cream
100 g strawberries

Method of preparation:

Beat the eggs with sugar to get foam. Gradually add vanilla sugar, butter, sour cream, yoghurt, baking powder, semolina and flour. Stir well and place the mixture in a pan with butter. Put whole strawberries on the mixture and place to bake in an oven at 200 degrees. Remove the baked blade and let it cool down.
Cool the bladder with broken oil. Sprinkle strawberries and mix with sugar. Take a small portion of the juice and mix it with the pudding. Put the rest in the strawberries and put the mixture on the fire. When the sugar is melted, add the dissolved pudding and stir until a thick mixture is obtained. Then remove the pot from the fire and cool it.


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