Homemade blue cheese

Как се прави домашно синьо сирене

Expensive blue cheese is a perfect mess for fine wines and important guests. If you want to pamper your palate without giving crazy money, think about doing it yourself. You will find many alternatives on the web, and we offer you our recipe for homemade blue cheese.


50 g lump of blue cheese
500 ml of fresh milk/for “yeast” /
10 l of fresh milk/for crinkling /
3-4 tablespoons quality yogurts/best-home /
Salt to taste
Necessary tools:
Wooden cooking spoon
Round, Flat Basket/bread pan/


With the fork, you crumble the blue cheese in 500 ml of fresh milk. Let your products interact overnight.

The next morning adds the yogurt spoon and shake the mixer at slow speed until the mixture is completely mix.

Fill the ten liters of milk with the blue cheese mixture.

Drain the milk mixture in the cheesecloth.

The resulting unripe cheese is placed in the pan. On it you put a small tray and weight to press and drain everything unnecessarily overnight.

The next morning, take the pie cheese from the cheesecloth and then salt it on both sides – for example, with two pinches of salt.

With the wooden spoon, you make the holes of the cheese to get the air into the base and create the conditions for the development of the bacteria that will make it white-blue.

Close the cheese tightly in a large plastic box and put it in the fridge.

Turn it every day and in a week the first mold will appear. In just over two weeks, the whole will be covered with a blue-green color.

Cover it with oil on the surface for better preservation and leave it for another ten days to ripen.

You can serve Amarone wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Muscat or White Dessert wine. If you do not keep alcohol, you know that homemade blue cheese is terribly tasty with a combination of honey and walnuts or chocolate.


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