Make Vegeta – the same as the original

Рецепта за домашна вегета

It is possible to cook at home the popular spice Vegeta.

This recipe has no flavor enhancers or other additives that are harmful.

Most would like the recipe of those who have a wood burning stove, because the vegetables should be slowly dried.
Try and make sure there is no difference in taste from the one you buy in the shops.


3 medium carrots
2 medium sized parsnips
1 small piece of leeks
½ root of celery
½ red onion
2 cloves of garlic
One cup of parsley
1 potato


Wash the vegetables and cut them fine.

Place greasy baking paper in the baking pan.

Mix the vegetables and spread it evenly in the pan.


To dry vegetables, depending on the oven, it takes 10-12 hours – some are weaker and some are stronger. In the newer ovens, vegetables can be dried for about 6 hours. Therefore, check the oven occasionally and turn it off when the vegetables are dry.

Here’s what you need to look for depending on the oven in which the vegetables are dried:

Wood stove:

Put vegetables overnight when the oven is not so strong, leave it half open.
Check more often and see when the vegetables will dry completely.


Turn the oven on 70 degrees and leave it slightly open to allow moisture to come out. After a few hours reduce the heat of the oven to 50 ° C and continue to dry the vegetables.
When the vegetables are well dried, add:
1 tablespoon gutierine
about 200 grams of salt, or on your own (put a little and decide how much salt you need)

Dried vegetables mix in a blender or coffee mill.


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