The most delicious fig jam: A recipe with 40-fruit and three more affordable ingredients

Как се прави сладко от смокини рецепта

Classic joy for every season for decades is not to serve a delicious pastry to your guests but to serve a candy jam with coffee. There is nothing complicated in preparing it – just three hours of your time and a few available ingredients:


40 healthy and slightly hard figs
1 kg of sugar
1.5 for water
1 lemon


Sugar and water are placed in a wider container and boiled until the water starts to boil. In the dish, the figs are carefully cut and cooked for about 2 hours. It is best to arrange figs in a row, so you need a wider pot. Do not confuse, just occasionally shake. Lemon is washed thoroughly and cut into thin circles. In the figs that are boiled, add the lemon and let it boil another 30 minutes.

The hot fig jam is distributed in warm jars. They are closed well and stored in a dark and cool place.


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