The simplest recipe for vegan mayonnaise: With garlic and 3 spices

Веган майонеза рецепта

For vegans, people on diet and experimenters, we have prepared the simplest and lowest calorie recipe for mayonnaise. All you need to know is garlic – the more juicy it is, the better you get!


5-6 heads of garlic
1 tablespoon of salt
olive oil and vinegar – as much as you can


1. Clean the garlic, put it in a blender, add salt, a little vinegar and start crushing. Add olive oil and vinegar in succession (just like classic mayonnaise) until you reach the desired density. Try taste and if salt and vinegar is a little, add.


You can make a green mayonnaise by adding parsley to the recipe.
Prepared in this way, it is a perfect lure for spreading on warm bread, such as grilling, fried and baked fish. During the fast, a teaspoon to add it to the cooked beans will feel a sinful taste.


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