Nachos with cheese on an original recipe: Crispy joy melting in the mouth

Оригинална рецепта за начос у дома със сос от сирене Чедър

Many people have probably tasted the crunchy Mexican sweet, bought from the supermarket or in the cinema. Many people /especially children/ themselves want to make these delicious nachos home. Our previous prescription was more appropriate for people who are on a diet or systematically watching the line. So however, you will not get original Mexican nachos chips. Now you propose to prepare a classic recipe, which serves nachos with cheese:


For nachos — tortility
Maize flour 400 g
250-300 grams of hot water.
40 ml of olive oil or sunflower oil.
A little bag of ground red pepper.
8 g. Cinnamon.
Salt and ground black pepper to taste.

For the preparation of a cheese sauce that will improve this dish you will need the following products:

150 g cheddar cheese.
1/2 cup 20% sour cream
Red pepper
1 pc chili/or hot pepper /


The process of making nachos not too complicated, it will take about an hour and a half, no more.
Sift corn flour into a large bowl. We add salt, red pepper and pepper to it. In hot water add olive oil or sunflower oil. Pour the fatty water into the bowl of flour. Using a spatula or spoon, a dense table is kneaded. Let the dough cool down to start manual kneading. You should get a tight and nonstick lump of dough.

Cooking paper is placed on the table and sprinkled with a little corn flour. Break the dough into small, equal dough clumps.
With a rolling pin, roll one of the lumps one at a time to obtain circles of tortillas with a maximum thickness of 2 mm .
Now you need a circular pizza knife or at least plain but very sharp. Cut the tortillas on lines, then on precisely shaped diamonds. Ribbon cut in two to get perfect triangles.

Set the oven 180 degrees. The baking process takes 10 minutes. You can bake the triangles not in the oven, but in a pan and a thick layer of oil. However, the benefits of this procedure are questionable. With products fried in a lot of oil, you can make serious cellulite.

When your corn chips nachos have become a beautiful tan, place them on a plate and continue making cheese sauce on them.
Wash, clear and finely chop the pepper and chili. Pour the pieces into the sauce bowl.
Now is the time to add sour cream to the bowl.

Then grate the cheese with a grater. Then carefully pour into the bowl and place it in a microwave oven. The melted cheese is added to the cream-pepper mix. When the sauce is ready, if you want, you can add a pinch of salt.

Now you’re ready to serve it to guests originally made nachos with cheddar cheese sauce!


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