Nachos Lavash: Unusual recipe for your favorite chips

Начос от лаваш рецепта с арменски хляб

The Lavash, the so-called “Armenian bread” does not differ from traditional Mexican tortillas and can the to take home favorite nachos.


Leaf Lavash /or yourself by, and butter recipe will read /
1 cup of grated cheese;
1 small fresh cucumber;
1 small tomato;
½ sweet pepper;
3 tablespoons of mayonnaise;

Savory sauce to taste;

Green onion and coriander, sliced lime for trim;
Vegetable oil for frying


If you do not have a Lavash, are Armenian bread as the is by the, and. Kneaded it 5 minutes, rest 20 and split into afterwards.

Each of the spheres is rolled into thin coasters. Bake 200 degrees in the oven on both sides.
Then they are smeared with the oil.

From the prepared lava sandwiches take as much as you like, cut them harmoniously into triangles. The chips thus formed are either fried in frying pan or oven, the second option is far more healthy.

Do not hold them too much on the fire, because when they are poured on the baking paper to drain off the fat they will be darkened.

Once the napkins absorb the excess oil, season the chips with a pinch of salt and mix. In addition to salt, you can add dried aromatic herbs, red pepper, dried onion or garlic.

Put the resulting holes on a napkin or baking paper again by sprinkling each of them with grated cheese.

Again, cook the chips in a preheated 190 degrees oven for 3-4 minutes to melt the cheese.


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