Moussaka with a leek – modern version of the grandmother’s recipe

Рецепта за мусака с праз

As a fan of national cuisine, we will not go over the recipes we have learned from our own grandmothers. And while we enjoy the gourmet cuisine, our table will always have a place for classical delicacies such as moussaka with leeks, cooked in a slightly more modern way!


1 kg leek
150 ml of tomato paste
little oil
a little parsley
50 g of cheese
1 onion
some pepper
1 sour cream
500 g mince
a little salt
2 bay leaves


Cut the onion and put it in the vegetable oil.

Meanwhile, cut into a circle of leeks. In a larger container of boiled water, put it to boil for 5 minutes. Then drain it.
To add the tomatoes add the tomatoes together.

Then put the mince to fry for a quarter of an hour.

Add the bay leaf and parsley to the mixture.

In a pan or refractory pot, start arranging a row of leeks, a row of sauces. Repeat the procedure until you consume the ingredients.
Spread the cream evenly.

Finally, grate the solid cheese and bake in an oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.


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